Experience the Future

Currently the most populous city in the Arab Emirates and the luxury shopping centre of the world, Dubai is a blending of ancient and new, of the chic and ultra-modern together with the warm and hospitable Arabian culture.

Iconic for its daring architectural vision, Dubai is home to modern day wonders like the Burj Khalifa – towering 830 metres above the Arab Desert and the stunning man-made islands of Palm Jumeirah. The city offers plenty to do – from adventure activities like skydiving and desert safaris to shopping at state-of-the-art malls. In fact, the Dubai Shopping Festival (held in January – February) attracts about four million people every year and is one of if not the most visited retail events on the planet. Nightlife is another big attraction in Dubai. With a variety of restaurants, sheesha bars, lounges and clubs, musical events and concerts, a night out in Dubai is going to be an exciting one for anybody who truly loves to party.

Dubai! What a country! Leave alone the amazing buildings and beautiful sites; my personal ecstasy was shopping there. There are so many good bargains in Dubai! It’s unbelievable!

  Bwengye Samantha.