Things To Do


Uganda is widely regarded as one of Africa’s safest and most hospitable destinations. The people of Uganda are noted for their friendly and welcoming attitude and the cities are said to be safe even at night.

Situated on the equator, Uganda is made of almost equal portions African jungle, rolling savannah and open water. It has a tropical climate with plentiful rainfall and fertile land. Mountain gorillas, white water rafting, mountain climbing and wildlife safaris are just a few of the exciting experiences Ugandan has to offer. There are 60 protected areas, including 10 national parks, where you can observe 330 species of mammals and over 1000 species of birds. The most of any country on earth. Here are the key Ugandan experiences.

Gorilla tracking

One of the quintessential Ugandan attractions is tracking mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. These imposing yet gentle beasts are some of the rarest primates alive and there is nothing on earth quite like the experience of observing them in their natural habitat. A portion of the fee goes to the park and gorilla conservation initiatives, helping to ensure their survival.

Adventure & Adrenaline

White water rafting enthusiasts are never disappointed in Uganda. The River Nile has portions with up to Grade-5 rapids, guaranteed to give you one hell of a ride (kayak or jet-boat). In the same league of thrill is the terrifying bungee jumping at Bujagali Falls. Those who enjoy pushing their limits can attest to the challenging climb to the peaks of Mountain Ruwenzori, known since antiquity by the colorful sobriquet of the “Mountains of the Moon”. Its captivating views, equatorial mists and breathtaking flora (found nowhere else on earth) is sufficient reward for even those who don’t make it to the top.

Other treks include the Mount Elgon trek as well as the dramatic Virunga volcanoes at the point where the borders of Uganda, Congo and Rwanda meet at the far South West tip of the country.

Scenery and Relaxation

Uganda has some beautiful spots for relaxing. Lake Bunyonyi, the second deepest lake in the water, is dotted with myriads of islands and gives a magical viewing and relaxation spots. Ssese Islands in the oceanic-sized Lake Victoria has some of the finest white-sand beaches and burning sunsets. The stunning Sipi Falls in eastern Uganda are a joy for viewing crashing waterfalls in up close in a safe environment.

Wildlife Safari Trails

Safari in Murchison Falls is the perfect way to spy elephants, buffalo, crocodiles and hippos while relaxing on the boat with a beer. Queen Elizabeth National Park offers a better chance of spotting leopards or the famous tree-climbing lions. Kidepo Valley in the far north on the border with Sudan and Kenya has some of the most exquisite scenery in the world, not to mention is the home of some of the oldest human rock-art in existence. Add Ziwa Sanctuary to your list if you wish to track the rare white rhino.