• Tour Guiding & Consultation

    In the event that you need a tour guide for your trip, we are happy to recommend. For the independent traveler that might need a few tips and advice, we are also eager to meet your need. Contact us

  • Tailored Travel Packages

    You might want a private tour, captivated by particular destinations, we shall make you a customized package that will suit your needs, preferred dates of travel with your ideal number of people. Contact us

  • Car Hire & Transportation

    In the event that your trip has already been booked and all you are needing is a car, look no further, we can provide your preferred auto-mobile; min-van, self-drive. Just let us know the specifics. Contact us

  • Excursions & Retreats

    One day domestic trips, some educational and informative.  Some are particularly for school children/teens. We also organize church and organization retreats. Contact us

  • Family & Group Tours

    These vary from domestic to international, occasionally happen around the holiday seasons like Christmas, Easter and New Year’s. A group usually consists of 15 or more people. These tours are usually accompanied by a host guide. Contact us

  • Honeymoon planning

    For the love birds, we have a honeymoon treat of a lifetime planned for you! It'll be unique, intimate and a fun memorable experience that you will live to remember and cherish. Honeymoon options 1. Dubai Duration: 4 nights Cost: $3,000 per couple… Contact us

  • Ticketing

    Get your ticket to any part of the world at a favorable rate. Simply let us know where and you’ll have your travel document in no time. Contact us

  • Passport & Visa Acquisition

    If you need assistance to process your Ugandan passport, we can be of great assistance, especially if you need it urgently. We also handle visa processing for all our clients. Contact us